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Welcome to Homestead Hangout, a destination for those passionate about embracing a self-sufficient lifestyle.

My name is Zac Friedman. I am a seasoned homesteader from Washington State. I am the creator and sole author of The Homestead Hangout.

With over a decade of hands-on experience and extensive research, I have taught myself sustainable gardening, food preservation, composting, and off-grid living on my small homestead. This website serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals and families embarking on their homesteading journey.

At Homestead Hangout, I believe in the power of self-reliance. I am self-taught. All of the knowledge I have gathered over the years comes from extensive research and practice. I have experienced profound satisfaction from growing my own food and generating my own power.

On this site, I try to remain as informative, honest, and realistic as possible. Every article you read on this site is written and edited by me. I write from personal experience. Everything you read on this site is also based on my opinion.

Every piece of content you read here is written with as much accuracy and attention to detail as possible. My content is meticulously researched. I draw from my own experiences. I also collaborate with other experts in the field.

My mission is to provide our readers with authoritative, evidence-based content that they can trust. As an advocate for sustainable living, I aim to uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of the content that I share.

Join me on this fulfilling journey towards a life that celebrates self-sufficiency, and cherishes the timeless values of hard work and community.